Summer Hours 12 – 10pm Daily

Summertime…long days, hopefully sunny, too.
YoChoice is open everyday from 12 noon to 10pm.
So, come on in. Summertime is yogurt time! Enjoy our summer flavors…fresh, fruity, delightful.  And lots of toppings to choose from.
See you soon!

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Fremont Fest is Coming August 4th.

Mark your calendars….Fremont Fest….a neighborhood tradition, is set for Saturday August 4th.

NE Fremont will closed from 42nd to 52nd, and turned into a safe, fun-filled pedestrian mall.  A Kids’ Parade, music, entertainment, street vendors, shopping, bargains…and more.

Bring the family…join the fun at Fremont Fest!

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Please Join Us In Supporting Our Local Schools

YoChoice Yogurt is pleased to be participating in the fund-raising scrip program in support of our neighborhood schools. Parents from Beverly Cleary, Alameda and Beaumont Schools are currently selling scrip from local businesses…including YoChoice Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt…to help raise funds for the schools.

We hope you will purchase scrip from the parent groups who are working so hard on behalf of Beverly Cleary, Alameda and Beaumont Schools.  Thank you!

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We Do Birthdays & Special Celebrations

We love to host birthdays at YoChoice.  It’s fun to see youngsters  create and enjoy their own yogurt treats.  And it’s fine for mom or dad to bring in a birthday cake for the celebration.

Have a friend or family member with a birthday coming up soon?  Plan to celebrate at YoChoice.  Just email or call us ahead of time.    Do you have a team starting or winding up their season?  Or just a group of friends or neighbors who want to get together?  You are all welcome.  We love to be a place for celebrations and happiness!

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Please support our neighborhood businesses

YoChoice Yogurt is proud to be a member of the Beaumont Business Association.  We work with our fellow business owners to maintain good businesses that offer you, our customers, high quality goods and services.  We know you have lots of choices in where to shop.  Please consider the Beaumont Business district along NE Fremont Street.  We are close, convenient and mostly locally owned.  We want to earn your loyalty.  Together, we can keep our NE Portland neighborhoods a wonderful place  to live.  Thank you for your support!

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Come Enjoy Frozen Yogurt the YoChoice Way in Beaumont

Perhaps you’ve heard already of YoCream Frozen Yogurt and wishing there was one closer to you, especially if you are in the Beaumont, Wilshire, Cully, Alameda, Rose City or Hollywood neighborhoods.  Your wait is over.  “YoChoice is open”  according to shop owner & local area resident, Andre LaGrande.

YoChoice Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt is locally owned and operated.  We proudly feature YoCream, a high quality genuine frozen yogurt made right here in Portland, Oregon.

YoChoice Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt is all about You & Your Choices – You select your flavors, decide what kind of toppings you prefer, and how much.   Not everyone wants the same amount, or likes the same toppings.  Fresh fruit for some, chocolate for others, or both for many.  There are three dozen toppings and you can take as many as you like. You make the choice.   We are sure you will also want to come in and relax in our inviting atmosphere and enjoy your neighbors.

A heaping cupful, or a dainty dessert – it’s your choice. — So come enjoy some frozen yogurt, the YoChoice way.  Our goal is to be your neighborhood spot for a healthy treat.  We invite you to let us know what your favorite toppings are, and tell us what yogurt flavor you’d like to try. We change flavors weekly.  Providing your favorite yogurt just the way you like it is what we want and you deserve.

YoChoice Yogurt is located at 4941 NE Fremont (next door to Jim & Patty’s Coffee).  We’re open daily 12 noon till 9 pm Sunday thru Thursday, and 12 noon till 10 pm Friday & Saturday.

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